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…something actually clients once started asking me for, and which I do meanwhile with the greatest joy, experience and passion with a very personal, BOUTIQUE SERVICE approach.

My experience and network are based on:

  • My own professional life in the CONSUMER PRODUCT INDUSTRY,

  • Being a long-term active player in the global HR COMMUNITY

  • Having served as GENERAL COUNSEL for many years as a member of the presidency of the German Federal In-House Lawyers Association (BUJ) while being a "Trusted Advisor" of the Dickinson School of Law aff. Penn State, U.S.

  • Being an admitted member of GenCEO, Germany's most exclusive female executive network

  • Having in-depth exposure not only to all EUROPEAN markets, but in particular to the US and CHINA

and covers equally the LEGAL, HUMAN RESOURCES, INTERNATIONAL and EXECUTIVE/Board niche. 


For me a successful search is not about bringing you great players as such, but in an individual, tailored down process to YOUR NEEDS, bringing you those, that are on top the perfect CULTURAL FIT to your organization and its future mission! 


During my years as Chief Human Resources Officer I’ve never given up any RECRUITMENT process before not finding the best-of-the-best, this way enriching the organization with the GREATEST TALENT, ensuring FUTURE SUCCESS.


I am happy to offer the same to you! 

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