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Whether starting your journey in a completely new (corporate-/geographical-) environment or being promoted within your current surrounding: It all comes with CHALLENGES!


You will not be given much time (actually much less than the famous “100 days” these days) to familiarize yourself with the new environment, its key players, team dynamics, new working tasks, company culture and “politics”… as there is the immediate expectation of PERFORMANCE!


“There is only one chance to make a first impression” - and you should use it in YOUR VERY BEST INTEREST.


It is not rocket-science, and I have done it with manifold Executives during my time as Chief Human Resources Officer: All it requests is in depth preparation, attention to the unspoken dynamics, as well as a straight forward STRATEGY so to avoid any possible pitfall successfully.


While your main focus is on your professional tasks, I am pleased to support you:

  • In the preparation for and entering your “new parquet”

  • Presenting yourself as a true LEADER for your new team, getting a solid grip on all possible team issues

  • Identifying and handling all corporate key players smoothly

  • Positioning yourself in the unknown cultural environment

  • Being fully at ease with your new company-/geographical culture, values and even politics

this way making your personal transition nothing else than successful!

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