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There are many ways to exit:


Perhaps you do not “love” anymore what you are doing and wish to leave timely in a “smart” way…


Or you start feeling some “silence” around yourself, not being part of the inner circle anymore, and wish to be prepared…


Eventually, you already got confronted with the Company's wish, to “part ways” and need to position yourself urgently…


Whatever it is, you are phasing a KEY TURNING POINT IN YOUR CAREER, and you should seek the best professional guidance – legally as well as strategically – to take well care of your interests, your financial position and actually your name and standing.


As Chief Human Resources Officer & General Counsel, I negotiated many executive exits and am well acquainted with all

possible scenarios when it comes to:

  • Exit Strategy

  • Financial Packages & - Negotiations

  • Legal Contracts, -Documents and Liability Releases

  • Favorable Story Telling & Communication

  • Outplacement: Your further career journey


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