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Certainly, as a German & US qualified lawyer and an explicit strategy- and negotiation pro, supporting leaders in their legal issues is a matter of the heart to me. Why? Because legal excellency simply makes the difference when it comes to your PROFESSIONAL POSITIONING:


  • Do you have all the comfort you need when entering a managing director- or employment contract?

  • Are you sufficiently PROTECTED from personal LIABILITY?

  • Are you covered for the case of TERMINATION?

  • Are your PACKAGE, bonus agreement and side allowances state of the art?

  • Is your contract clear and straight forward, particular when it comes to your entitlements on one side, as well as your duties and OBLIGATIONS on the other?

  • Have you taken the chance and sufficiently SECURED YOURSELF for any hypothetical future exit situation in your contract?


Having been over years on the other side - negotiating and drafting corporate executives´ agreements – I truly know “the rules of the game” and would be pleased to provide you with the professional legal support needed to ensure your contract is in your VERY BEST PERSONAL INTEREST.

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