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NOTHING is as important for your career as your Personal Brand!

It is the entrance ticket to “the party“  –  nothing more, nothing less!

Are you giving sufficient attention to it?


Starting from those FACTS you pick for and document in your CV, reference letters and/or publications, to the influenceable STORY TELLING in your (social-)media, your appearance on stage or your IMAGE in your personal NETWORK: You should always steer it tightly, have it completely consistent, presenting yourself in your very best interest, so to create the image of yourself that YOU WANT it to be!


As an Executive, for whom “living and breathing the brand” has been daily business in the last 10 years, I am happy to:

  • REVIEW and discuss your existing personal brand with you,

  • RE-DEFINE it with you jointly, so to reflect your very BEST INTEREST, and finally

  • Bring your best Personal Brand to life, so to unfold its FULLEST POTENTIAL in the career world.

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