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This is a fundamentally important time in your career and actually life:

You are – or will be – out of the job, have time and a longing to reflect and reconsider where you stand, your personal and professional aims and what you wish to do next… while having indeed the concrete chance to change and optimize your professional life… Simply to be at your very best place!


Somehow though, this is also an overwhelming, partially oppressive period, in which a sound, reflective, spot on CAREER COACHING guides and supports you to:


  • Get clarity for yourself as what you WISH to do next

  • Identify your skills and talents as well as the working-environment in which you SUCCEED best

  • Concretize your (financial-, geographical-…) NEEDS, to have the life you wish for

  • Establish the right contacts, that will help to ACHIEVE your next mission

  • Position yourself successfully for the NEXT PROFESSIONAL STEP



It is an exciting journey and I would be delighted to accompany you to YOUR VERY BEST PLACE!

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