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The peak is lonely – by definition.

Every step of yours is watched closely and discussed in the open – not even talking about the actual decisions you are drawing, and the dealings with your Supervising Board.


And: trusting others is difficult in such an exposed position, as just the slightest indication of a mistake may be held against you… while the path you are walking on is the fine line in between excellent leadership bringing the company to great success on one side, and simple "failure" on the other.


Particular in times of URGENCY and CHANGE, when severe decisions are mandatory, it is advisable to have a NEUTRAL, RELIABLE sparring partner to:

  • Jointly reflect the status quo and identify your options

  • Discuss and - in the best sense - challenge decisions before they are executed

  • Align and narrowly mirror  communication and successful execution

  • Review best handling of your Board/Owners

  • Have a constant eye on your image and standing

simply to ensure your maximum success!


I had the joy and honor to accompany various CEOs and Board Directors in their paths and would be delighted to accompany yourself.

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